• May 7th
    • Practice warm up 10:00 shooting starts at $11:00.
      CAP Farm Sultan.
  • May 8th Sunday
    • Clean shooters Jackpot warm up 10:00 shooting at 11:00.
      $10.00 haul in and $10.00 to enter clean shooter.
      You can also ride as a practice but you will only get one run per stage the price is $10.00. ( you will not have to add to the clean shooter jackpot money)
  • May 14 -15 Eastern Washington shoot in Cashmere. ~ no practice ~
    • If you are planning to attend please sign up on the CMSA website.
  • May 21 -22 WWMS Sedro Wooley ~no practice ~
    • If you're not signed go to the CMSA website.
           CMSA Signups


You might recognize a couple folks in this video. While this was filmed in Clackamas county, several of our local club members are also featured, including club President, Mark Plumlee and club Vice President Jennifer Burnell.

We have several great cowboy mounted shooting clubs in Washington, including our club, Western Washington Mounted Shooters (home base King/Snohomish County), as well as Eastern Washington Mounted Shooters (Kittitas County), South Sound Mounted Shooters (Thurston/Pierce), and Northwest Mounted Shooters (Spokane/Idaho area). Visit www.cmsaevents.com for a club near you.

Think Barrel Racing - with Guns...

    Think barrel racing with guns, but instead of just 1 basic pattern, mounted shooting has approximately 60 different patterns, from which 4-6 courses are drawn before each event. Using two .45 caliber single action revolvers like those used in the late 1800's, contestants engage a course of 10 targets, 5 light balloons - called the Random Course, and 5 dark balloons - called the Rundown.

Single Action Revolvers

    Single action revolvers must be cocked each time before firing by drawing the hammer
back with your thumb. While these are real guns, we use specially prepared blank ammunition,
and each gun is loaded with only 5 rounds.

Special Ammo - Blanks

    The cartridges fired are called .45 caliber Long Colts, however there is no lead projectile.
The brass cartridge is loaded with black powder. This CMSA certified load will break a balloon up to
approximately 15 feet, making this an exciting and safe spectator sport.
Live rounds are strictly prohibited at competitions.

    WWMS members vary from kids to adults, and from the recreational shooter to the
serious National and World competitor, so there's a spot for everyone. We are a friendly group,
and enjoy introducing the sport to others. Please feel free to contact us at any time, and come join
the addiction that is Cowboy Mounted Shooting!!!

    Western Washington Mounted Shooters was started in 2004 by Kenda Lenseigne, (multi-World and National Champion and holder of 8 World Records) as a Charter Club of CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association). Kenda is the daughter of Kenny and Karen Klein of Sultan, Washington. Cowboy Mounted Shooting is the fastest growing family equestrian sport in the world.
    It was that family attraction that led Tony and Carolyn Peterson (CAP Farms) of Sultan, WA, to put in a 200x300 outdoor shooting arena for their own grown daughter and her family. Western Washington Mounted Shooters is proud to call CAP Farms "Home", and what started as a family event, well, let's just say that the Petersons now have a large extended family that shows up just about every weekend in the spring and summer to practice or compete. Thank you to Kenda, the Kleins and the Petersons for bringing mounted shooting to Washington State and for all the support they've given WWMS!